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Wiring Diagrams for Microsquirt

Main Power and Fuel System

Basic Sensors

microsquirt-main-power-circuit-reva.png microsquirt-basic-sensors-reva.png

Crank Sensor - Hall

Crank Sensor - VR

microsquirt-crank-sensor-hall-reva.png microsquirt-crank-sensor-vr-reva.png

IGN-4VW Wasted Spark Coil

LS2 Wasted Spark Coils
microsquirt-ignition-coil-ign4vw-reva.png microsquirt-ignition-coil-LS2-ws-reva.png


LC-2 Wideband Controller

Connecting your Innovate LC-2 wideband controller to the relay board and optional dash gauge 




Other configuration options