DIY EFI Package Builder

Welcome to our DIY EFI Package Builder page! Here you can pick and choose a selection of parts to help complete your EFI conversion or build your own from scratch. There is a lot that goes into EFI but this page will help you navigate through the parts you will or may need. Feel free to reach out via out contact form if you have any questions!

ECU Options

Bolt-on Crank Trigger Options (No Machining Required)

Basic Sensors

Available for T1 and T4 applications

Not needed with VWSS dual ITBs

For use with Microsquirt

Not needed with most of our induction packages as the TPS is provided but can be used in custom applications

Fuel System

8MM for Fuel Feed - 8 ft

2 Clamp Packs Required

6mm for Fuel Return - 5ft

1 Clamp Pack Required

Fuel Injectors

If you need help choosing injectors, you can use this calculator to help you out - 

Smart Ignition Coils

Spark Plug Wires

Ignition Coil Connectors

Inducution Options

Type 1 - Dual Throttle Bodies (ITB) - Buggy, Baja, Custom

Type 1 - Dual Throttle Bodies (ITB) - Bug

Type 4 - Dual Throttle Bodies (ITB)

Type 3 - Dual Throttle Bodies (ITB)

Type 1 - Single 48mm Throttle Body

Type 1 - Mexican EFI 43mm Single Throttle Body 

Induction Accessories

Wideband Oxygen Sensor (Lambda)

Optional Accessories