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When you get tired if using scissor's to try and cut intake gaskets cleanly, try out my selection of laser cut gasket. 

  • Laser cut from 1/32" (.75mm) high temp gasket material
  • Works with NA or Boosted
  • Stock
  • Panchito
  • Ultra Mag / Oval Port
  • Mini Wedge Port
  • Wedge Port
  • Super Pro Port
  • Custom*

I recommend putting a lite coating of oil on both sides of these gaskets so they last longer and do not stick to the heads or intake manifolds. This will allow you to reuse them multiple times before they need to be replaced.

*If you would like custom gaskets made, there is a $50 digitization fee and you will receive 2 gaskets. If you need more, add the qty of stock gaskets to your cart and I will make them all the same. For new ports and I will need a scanned copy of your current gasket, a picture of your port or a physical gasket sent to me. If you choose to send a picture, email me for the best procedure. If you would like to have the .dxf file for future use just ask and I'll email it to you.