Bolt-on Crank Trigger Package - King 5.34" Pulley - Hall Hidden

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The King VW pulley is one of the highest quality pulleys you will find on the market today. Working together with King we have developed this multi piece bolt on crank trigger package that does not require machining. With this hidden kit you will need to modify your pulley tin to allow the crank sensor to come through the tin. The trigger wheel in this package has been black oxide coated to perform better and last longer around the world.
What is included:
  • 36-1 Trigger Wheel
  • 304SS Trigger Wheel Spacer 
  • 304SS Sensor Mounting Bracket
  • High Strength TW Mounting Hardware
  • Case Mounting Hardware
  • Hall Crank Sensor
  • DTM Wire Harness Connector
  • 1/16" Allen Wrench
  • Thread locker

Hall Sensor Wiring:
Brown - 5-24V Input 
Blue - Sensor Ground
Black - Output Signal

Pullup Resistor Required (Input to Signal)
5v 9V 12V 16V 24V
1K 1.8K 2.4K 3K 3K