Megasquirt Manuals - MS2/MS3/MS3-PRO/Microsquirt

This is the index to the Megasquirt manuals and other documentation for Megasquirt. PDFs for offline reading are available.

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Megasquirt-1 web manuals (Manuals for MS1/Extra.) - Obsolete

--> Megasquirt-2, MS2, Microsquirt, DIYPNP, MSPNP2, Microsquirt-module manuals (Manuals for MS2/Extra.)

--> Megasquirt-3 manuals (MS3, MS3X, including MS3 Gold Box)

--> MS3-Pro manuals (MS3-Pro, MS3-Pro EVO, MS3-Pro Ultimate, AMPEFI)

EMS-Pro manuals

MegaStim/JimStim information


Manuals for Microsquirt Transmission control and Microsquirt-IO box are available through their product pages.

The original ‘MegaManual’ should only be used for the alternative “B&G” MS1 or MS2 firmwares. Link here. The vast majority of customers should not use it as you will find the information misleading and confusing – use the manuals from this current site.

Background information

Megasquirt 11bit CAN broadcasting protocol, including dash broadcasting PDF.
Download .DBC protocol files : Dash Broadcast DBC file or full Realtime Data Broadcast DBC file.

Megasquirt proprietary 29bit CAN protocol PDF