Megasquirt 2 V3.57


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This is a base model ECU and can be drop shipped. No mods will be done at The Dub Shop

  • Important Note:  Due to supply chain challenges and the lack of ability to have parts anodized at this time, we are transitioning the enclosure used with our MS2 ECUs. Your MS2 will now be built using the MS3 enclosure, which will help facilitate potential future upgrades from MS2 to MS3 without extra cost.  The finish is brushed silver.  We appreciate your understanding.  

Megasquirt 2 V3.57 is a standalone engine management controller.

Compared to the MS2 V3, the V3.57 is a production built unit with surface mount components that are not hand placed. The V3.57 board does not have a prototype area like the V3 so if you are looking for lots of features and functions, the MS3 with Expander may be a better choice for you.   

In basic form it is capable of running both fuel and Ignition. With additional options it turns into a very powerful engine performance modifier. Don't be fooled by the affordable nature of these controllers. They are small and powerful. They can run most everything on 4 wheels whether that's your lawn mower, an Air-cooled VW, Water cooled Jetta, Blown V8 or anything in between.

Below is a list of options and extra that can be purchased along with your controller. If you have any question please send me an email and I can build a custom quote or help you decide which options are best for your install.