LS2 Coil Pack Set - OEM


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  • LS2 Coil Connector Side
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Purchase in a set to save over individual coils!

LS2 coil packs can help resolve cylinder misfires and rough idle issues. They work tremendously well with most aftermarket ECU's to provide a smooth and reliable spark signal. Individual ignition coils have the engineered advantage of having one less link to replace and troubleshoot when having engine ignition complications. They eliminate the mechanical connection of the distributor, taking the signal directly from the ECU to the spark plug. So, rather than inspecting two wired connections, a distributor, and plugs, you have only one wire, one coil, and one plug per cylinder. Find out which cylinder you need to work on from the ECU, or simply by process of elimination. They are extremely easy to replace, with proper access. LS2 logic level ignition coil will have you back to all cylinders in no time.

Wiring is as follows:
  • Pin A - Engine Ground
  • Pin B - Sensor Ground
  • Pin C - ECU Logic Trigger
  • Pin D - Switched 12V