What ECU do you use?

I primarily use Megasquirt and AMP-EFI brands, there are many options under this umbrella. They are very reliable, low cost product that has support around the world.

Where can I find out more about Megasquirt?

You can find more info here or on the forums or ask on Facebook and of course you can email me with the form below.

Will this kit work on my stock engine?

Yes, it will. This kit was designed on a 1600dp motor.

Will your kits work on my modified engine?

They sure can! Since I build each package to order, they are fully tailored to your needs, mild to wild.

Will my gas mileage increase?

The short of the long is yes; but it will vary on your state of tune.

How can I get the best mileage?

Best gas milage is normally reached by optimizing your timing advance and leaning your air to fuel ratio. Together, these 2 will achieve the best milage. How can I make the most power? With the help of a wideband oxygen sensor and precisely controlling your timing, you will be able to bring out the most horsepower in your engine combo. Extracting the highest amount will require a Dyno. Although, the butt dyno will usually get you 90%.

Can I use my 009 distributor with Megasquirt?

Although I highly recommend a better ignition system, a 009 will work in most cases.

Can I add options to your system later? The option list is quite large. Timing control, rev limiting, launch control, fan control, shift lights, boost control, nitrous control and more!

My motor has a bad flat spot with carburetion. What will happen with that?

It will be gone! No more hesitation; no more flat spots. Just go!!

I have a 1600dp motor now and want to build a 1915. Will it swap over?

It sure will. However, you may need to swap injectors depending on how high strung your motor is.

Will this kit work on my 2110 street/strip motor?

Yes, it will. The ECUs are fully programmable. You tune it to suit the needs of your engine.

How will this system react to a turbo?

A few settings in the computer will need to be changed and possibly the injectors, but the on board MAP sensor will hold 20lbs of boost. Here is a short video of my 2276 turbo motor at the track.

If your single throttle body is to small, can I use dual throttle bodies?

Of course. I have dual throttle bodies in multiple sizes to fit many applications. From 38mm bores all the way up to 52mm for those all-race applications.

I have a CDI box running off of my distributor (MSD). Can I still use it?

Probably; the Megasquirt can be changed to run from many types of ignition boxes.

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