EV1 Fuel Injector Set - 24lb


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I carry fuel injectors to cover a wide range of engine combos.

Naturally Aspirated - Gasoline
(4) 19# upto 125 crank HP - (Stock)
(4) 24# upto 150 crank HP 
(4) 32# upto 200 crank HP
(4) 44# upto 300 crank HP
Turbo - Gasoline
(4) 19# upto 100 crank HP
(4) 24# upto 125 crank HP
(4) 32# upto 175 crank HP
(4) 44# upto 250 crank HP
High Impedance
Body Style - EV1
Connector Type - EV1
Base Fuel Pressure - 43.5psi
Ethanol flex fuel compatible

For higher HP applications check out the EV6 Injectors
With turbo applications the rule of thumb is to pick the next larger size for the same HP as you will usually be running a lower AFR.

Not sure what you need? Try the fuel injector calculator found here