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Mini Cam Sync

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Mini Cam Sync VW Porsche
The Mini Cam Sync was designed for VW Air cooled engines.  Filling the gap when upgrading from batch or bank fire to sequential spark and fuel injection.
Sequential allows for precision triggering of both spark and fuel timing.  This is done when the ECU knows #1 cylinder is into the compression phase. The Mini Cam Sync replaces a standard distributor to give this information to the ECU. I use a hall sensor for a square wave output. If your ECU is capable, it can now fire just the injector and coil that is next in the firing order. This does need to be used in conjunction with a crank trigger. 
Some benefits include:
  • Improved fuel mileage
  • Improved cold starts
  • Improved idle quality
  • Improved throttle response
  • Per cylinder fuel and spark trims
  • Bragging rights 
The Mini Cam Sync is best used when in conjunction with larger injectors on a small displacement motor or a street car where idle, mid range and day to day driveability are key factors in your decision for switching to EFI.
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