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Type 4 Crank Trigger

Hardware Install Sensor Wiring Software Setup

Hardware Install

The Type 4 crank trigger wheel gets placed behind the factory cooling fan and replaces the A/C washer. The machined portion of the trigger wheel faces the engine. This pushed the trigger wheel closer to the engine and locates the missing tooth in the correct position related to the crank sensor and bracket.

You will want to move the sensor in the bracket so the tip is centered is into the middle of the trigger wheel teeth. Don't forget to tighten the bolt when done.

To get the sensor gap into spec you will use the adjustment slots built into the sensor bracket where it mounts to the case. We want 3mm or less of clearance. Test that the sensor triggers are each tooth before reassembly. Power the sensor with 12v to red and ground the black wire. Ground the negative lead of your multimeter or low current test light and probe the White/Black wire with positive lead. When the sensor is over a tooth the voltage should be under .25 volts, with the sensor in a gap the voltage will be at the supply voltage or 12v.

-- Here are some pictures to help illustrate the installation--
Trigger Wheel Placement Rev3 VR sensor and bracket mounted to case VR sensor mounted showing clearance to pulley Tin trimmed for VR sensor to protrude

Sensor Wiring

Standard Sensor Wiring:
Red - 5v or 12v

Black - Sensor Ground
White/Black - Sensor Output 

Software Setup

For Megasquirt 2/3 installations use these base ignition settings:
#1 Tooth Angle 80°
Falling Edge

Once the installation is complete you will want to verify timing with a timing light. If the computer readout does not match the timing light adjust the #1 tooth angle to get the two to match. This is very important.