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Digital Services

Once the car is running that is the point of which it's your turn to start tuning it!

Tunerstudio is very well documented as are the tuning procedures in the manuals posted on my site -
.  Each car is different and that is why I can only offer a base tune. I've never really sold the same package twice nor is any 2 engines identical. If you are uncomfortable with tuning I do offer online lessons and a few different tuning services depending on what you need help with. This can be as simple as us scheduling time for me to give you a TunerStudio lesson by walking you through the tuning software. If the lessons are not enough I offer a datalog tuning service where you drive around gently taking datalogs that can then be sent to me via email. I will analyze it and adjust your tune accordingly and returning it for you to load. I generally do these overnight so it can take some time. And the last service I offer is live remote tuning. This is done with your cell phone or mobile hotspot tethered to your laptop. Once you have provided your laptop with wifi I can login to TunerStudio while you drive. At the same time, I can be talking to you through some earbuds or headphones so I receive your real-time feedback as I am making tune changes, this service does requires an appointment and usually cannot be done the same or next day. Please try to plan at least 1 week prior for the best experience.