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Mexican Fuel Injection Package with Ignition - Type 1

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3 to 4 weeks production
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Mexican EFI plus Ignition
Mexican Intake System
- Throttle body, Plenum, Manifolds, Fuel Rails
- O-ring sealed oil filler with Alternator strap
MS2 V3.57 Megasquirt ECU
- Boost ready
- Relay board with Interconnect cable
- Intake air temp sensor
- Air-cooled warmup sensor
- New bolt-on Santana crank trigger pulley
- Universal 8mm MSD plug wire set
- IGN-4 wasted spark coil pack
- 36-1 Hidden crank trigger
- Distributor plug

Complete Wiring Harness
- All connectors pre terminated
- Wiring is in an abrasive resistant sleeve
- Heat shrunk ends
- Each sensor labeled
Fuel System
- 24# fuel injectors (base)
- Bosch fuel filter and mount
- TDS fuel pressure regulator
- New Walbro fuel pump, 255lph high flow
- Factory fuel line is used as the return
- Fuel fuel tank tee for feed and return
- 5/16" Fuel hardline
- Fuel Hose
Wideband Oxygen Sensor
- Mild Steel weld in exhaust bung
- Dash gauge
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