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CB Magnaspark With Hidden Crank Trigger

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Built to order, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for completion.
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CB Magnaspark With Hidden Crank Trigger
These are built to order - Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

This CB kit includes my Hidden crank trigger kit with a new Aluminum Santana pulley. It can also be configured for Serpentine pulleys as well as the Bernie Bergmann serpentine pulley, or a variety of power and dry sump pulleys.

This is a fully laptop-programmable ignition system with adjustable load+rpm boundaries. Timing control can be done MaP based or Alpha Numeric. Spark Table has a huge 21 x 21 matrix.
The Magnaspark Crank Trigger Kit is also a Data Logger. Logging is done using a windows based PC. You can trigger data logging by an external switch or directly through your laptop computer.
Standard inputs are:
  • RPM
  • MAP
  • Ignition Timing
Optional inputs include:
  • Head Temperature
  • Throttle Position
3 Selectable general purpose outputs.
  • RPM On / RPM of – Triggers output with RPM signal
  • Temp On / Temp Of – Triggers output with Cylinder Head temp (Sensor Required)
  • TPS On / TPS Of – Triggers output with Throttle positon. (TPS Sensor Required)
Using the optional CB external Select-A-Boost, dial in 4 different boost settings by simply turning the dial. Each of the 4 boost levels can be user customized. Over boost protection and turbo anti-lag technology is incorporated into the Magnaspark Crank Trigger Kit. 
Take a look at the Crank Trigger PDF Installation Manual & Software Guide, to learn more about how the Crank Trigger System works.
21 x 21 spark table
Adjustable High Rev Limit
Adjustable Two Step Rev Limit
Adjustable load and RPM boundaries
Data Log Technology
Boost Control Technology
Optional external "Adjust-A-Boost" boost level control
Over-boost protection / Turbo Anti-Lag Technology