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AMR500 Supercharged Fuel Injection Package with Ignition - Type 1

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3 to 4 Week Production Time
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AMR500 EFI Package
I'm sure by now you have seen alot of AMR500 supercharger across the internet. In early 2018 I decided to also build up a package with this robust little supercharger.
Starting out with a larger pulley I quickly realized that the instant additional bottom end torque made for a really fun driving experience. With my first pulley change I had found I could blow through the stock clutch disk and pressure plate on my 1600. After that was fixed (stage 1 + daikin disk) I started further refining the package to see what was possible. My current setup is boosting to 13psi making 130 ft lbs of torque just off idle and 95hp to the wheels, I can honestly say this feels like a 2L with how hard it pulls from a stop light. I am using water injection at this boost level to keep the intake air temperature down so that is an option. But at 5-6 psi the temps are manageable. I wouldn't consider this an entry level kit. So if you are considering it for your stock sized engine please contact me so we can discuss it. Also please read the FAQ page on superchargers to see what you will be up against. Happy boosting!
Fuel System 



Wiring Harness 

*Products may differ from description as this package is still being developed to produce the best performance to dollar value.

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