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Snow Performance Stage 1 Boost Cooler

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Snow 201 Water / Methanol Injection

The Snow Performance Stage 1 Boost Cooler® water-methanol injection kit is available for all forced induction applications (supercharged/turbocharged) and uses an adjustable boost switch to inject a fixed amount of water-methanol into the system until boost goes below the switch set point. Proven to deliver BIG HP increases to all forced induction applications! This makes it a good choice for low to medium boost setups (1-15 PSI) looking for an octane enhancement and cooler intake charge. Activation can also be set up through any other user-chosen switch, such as a full throttle switch, nitrous switch, etc. 

  • Cooler Denser Air Charge 
  • Achieve 116 Octane Quality Fuel From Pump Gas 
  • Safely Run More Boost & Timing 
  • Cleans Engine Combustion Of Carbon Build Up 
  • Reduce Air Temperatures Greater and More Consistent Than Air to Air Intercooler


  • Made in USA
  • Nickel Plated Methanol Resistant Metal Fittings 
  • Industry Leading 300 PSI Pump For More Pressure Than The Competition 
  • Adjustable Boost Setting 
  • Level Sensor Upgrade and Red LED to Alert User of Low Level
  • Green LED to Alert User When System is Injecting
  • 2 Proprietary Hypersonic™ Nozzles For The Best Atomization on the Market
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