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Single Throttle Body Intake Package with Turbo Plenums

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Built to order in 3 to 4 weeks
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Single throttle body intake manifold with optional billet fuel rails
  • Mexican Alternator Stand
  • Billet fuel rails
  • Modified Short CB Fuel Rails
  • Short CB Fuel Rails

If you are looking for a single throttle body turbo package, this is the one!

The Dub Shop single throttle body turbo intake package includes: 

2 x EFI Turbo plenums with 2" inlets

1 x Throttle body (45 / 48mm)

  • Adjustable linkage
  • TPS clocking plate
  • Air filter adapter
  • Aux injector plug
  • Throttle position sensor

1 x 2" "Y" manifold

  • .5" throttle body flange
  • IAT/MAT temp sensor bung

2 x Silicone intake couplings
4 x Stainless T-bolt clamps
2 x Modified fuel rails
2 x IDF injector retainer hold down brackets

*Billet fuel rails optional
*Aluminum intake optional

Uses stock throttle cable
The Mexican alternator stand is required if you do not already have one. It provides additional clearance under the alternator for the large intake tubing.