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Pinion Nut Wrench - Early Type 1

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Early Type 1 Pinion Nut Tool

'61-'66 VW Type 1, '61-'67 VW Type 2

This pinion nut wrench is for early cross hair type nut.

Proper use of this tool will insure years of trouble fee service. This wrench was designed to torque the VW pinion nut that secures the 1st gear inner bearing race to the factory spec of 155 ft/lbs. You can use it to remove this nut but care must be taken not to over stress the wrench as this nut can become locked on. To remove the nut without damage to the wrench, attach a 1/2" drive ratchet or breaker bar and put slight tension on the wrench. DO NOT PUT A LONG BREAKER BAR OR PIPE ON THE WRENCH. Strike the wrench on the side near the end with a hammer to shock the nut loose. Do not exceed 185 ft/lbs of force to loosen the nut.