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Microsquirt Ignition Package

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Microsquirt Ignition Package
Package assembled to order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

This Microsquirt package is designed for those looking to control Ignition precisely ditch that 50 year old distributor! This can be configured in various ways and all the options below feature a MAP sensor to sense engine load via manifold Vacuum. I have listings for T1, T3 and T4 engines with a couple of coil options depending on the look you want or the purpose of your install. 
Since we are using a Megasquirt product you get full data logging capabilities plus the benefit of being able to convert to EFI in future (big bonus). Each package comes with all the appropriate sensor connectors to terminate the wire harness. Also included are both a warm-up sensor and intake air temp sensor for the best timing control possible. These can be omitted for some applications if you do not with to compensate for temperature. With Turbo applications, intake temperature is a must and I recommend it is kept.

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