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Megasquirt Base Tune Air Cooled VW

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Built up for your engine and component specs.  This will help you get up and running quick and efficiently if you started from scratch and aren't sure what is needed to setup your Megasquirt ECU. 

What I will need from you:

  • Engine data:
    -Displacement, Cam, Max RPM, Max boost level, Injector Size / Brand or PN, Ignition setup used. 
    -Output you are expecting from your setup and how you plan to use the vehicle
Please allow 24-48 hours for completion unless we have made prior arrangements.

This is only a base tune and YOU will be required to do the final tuning and optimization. Please don't expect to take a road trip in the next couple days. Things that will need to be addressed are the final ignition trim with your timing light, injector dead times and coil dwell times (if you did not purchase them from me or provide this info).