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Why MaxSFI?

The primary reason I brought the MaxSFI ECU was to market was to provide an all in one solution for the Air-Cooled 4 cylinder engine. With a standard MS2 or MS3 there is a need to install additional circuits for common modifications like wasted spark, boost control, launch control and even a tach output. This was frustrating because almost every package I sell gets at least 2 of these basic features. After countless ECU builds I decided to take the steps necessary to come up with a solution. I based the MaxSFI off of the Microsquirt module which includes all the licensing I needed to incorperate all these features into my own product and is perfectly suited for a 4 cylinder engine. Have a look inside.

Main Features

4 Cylinder Sequential Fuel and Ignition

  • High impedance Injector drivers
  • Ignition drivers for smart and dumb coils 
  • COP or CNP

Onboard 4 BAR Map Sensor
Barometric Correction Standard

  • 1 ADC input with onboard baro enabled
  • 2 ADC inputs with onboard baro disabled

Onboard LSU4.9 Wideband Controller

  • LSU4.9 sensor optional
  • 0-5volt output for dash gauge
  • Can be bypassed for use with outboard controller
OEM 39 Position Sealed Connector
VR or Hall Crank and Cam Inputs
Dedicated Dash Tach Output
2 or 3 wire PWM Idle Control 
Table Switching / Flex Fuel
Launch Control 
Boost Control
CAN enabled

Technical Papers - Updated 11-30-2016

MaxSFI Pinout
Connector Picture Pinout