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Dual IDF Throttle Bodies

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IDF Throttle Body 40 / 48mm
A basic set of throttle body's for converting to EFI. IDF bolt pattern for a smooth transition from your old warn out carbs! External dimensions are the same as IDF or DRLA carburetors allowing the use of existing manifolds, throttle linkage and air filters. New size options let you up size your throttle body for larger displacement engines or smaller engines that see higher RPM and not sacrifice drivability by over sizing your throttle bore.

Throttle body sizing unlike a carb is the direct bore size. You can think of a 44IDF with 40mm venturi to be the same as a 40mm throttle body.
  • 1/8" NPT Vacuum port
  • Straight bore design
  • Drilled or undrilled injector boss

  • 42mm-46mm bore with 6° throttle blade*

* 6° throttle blades allow for a smooth transition from closed to open throttle especially when coming off idle. This makes a big engine feel more manageable and fun to drive.

Includes TPS sensor, adapter and spacer.

Undrilled throttle bodies used with IDF injected manifolds must use a 36 horse fan shroud for proper injector clearance.